Friday, August 12, 2011


I own a home!

SOLD! (Holy cow!)

Front view.

Side view...but that's my front door.

Standing in the door to the house looking out into the garage.

More garage pictures for Dad.

More garage pictures for Dad.

The door to the house from the garage...I've already assigned Pops to fix up with trim. :)

Looking into the house from the garage. There's a half bathroom to the left.

Looking into the house from the garage. There's a little hallway around the corner and you can see the entrance to the kitchen.

Half bathroom.

View of the hallway and kitchen entrance from the half bathroom. The sunlight at the far end is from the front door.

Front door at end of hallway.

View of hallway from front door. The entrance to the kitchen is on the right and the door on the right is the pantry.

Hot water heaters in a small closet in the hallway.

Coat closet in the hallway.

View from kitchen entrance.

More kitchen.

Pantry, staircase, living room...staircase comes down into the kitchen.


The floor in the pantry lifts out to get to the crawlspace. I've never seen anything like this before!


Kitchen with missing fridge.

Dining room.

Dining room looks out into fenced in backyard.

Living room.

Living room.

Small backyard for Lizzy.

Backyard with a couple swing behind it and The Rims in the background.

Big view of the first floor.

Lazy Susan!



Bathroom at the top of the stairs.

Spare bedroom on the right at the top of the steps

Spare bedroom.

Corner windows in spare bedroom.

Walk-in closest in the spare bedroom,

Spare bedroom.

Spare bathroom.

Spare bathroom.

Upstairs hallway looking toward the master bedroom. Linen closet on left. Washer/Dryer closet on right.

Washer and dryer.

Linen closet.

View from master bedroom toward spare bedroom.

View from master bedroom.

Master bedroom.

Master bedroom.

Master bedroom with master bath entrance on the left and entrance on the right.

Master bedroom with master bath entrance on left, entrance and accordion closet.

Master bathroom.

Me being excited!!!!

Master bathroom.

Master bathroom.

Walk-in closet off the master bathroom. That's right...TWO closest in the master suite!

Walk-in closet.

View of bathroom from closet.

A zoom-ed in view from my backyard. :)

Gift basket from the builders! Tools, Duct Tape, paper towels, hand soap, trash bags and a behind-the-scenes DVD of Extreme Home Makeover that my builders led.

First floor blueprint.

Second floor blueprint.

Lizzy's new perch. She can see out the kitchen window over the sink by sitting on the landing.